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hold your breath, count to ten // fall apart, and start again

tout ce que j'étais, tout ce que je serai

friends only.
Hi there. For those of you who have stumbled across my tiny little niche o'internet right here, please read my eljay userinfo and befriend me if you'd like. Because as you can see from the emptiness of this space my journal is friends only. Don't be shy, just leave a comment and I'll add you back provided you aren't completely annoying.

So what are you waiting for??? Comment and add meeeeeee!

heart always,
the fae

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I am not a fuctarded crotchcookie.
Just so you know...

hello! I write my journal by finnish but i would really like to read yours, can I ?
: >

You have a Placebo quote in your journal title :) Can I add you?

Hi, your old wt loss journal pics inspired me to not give up hope when I got up to my highest weight ever a year ago. Seeing the amazing transition you were capable of has reminded me that it is never too late to make a change in what I've done to myself.

I know this isnt a wt loss journal, but I relate to a lot of the interests/struggles you mention, and am sympathetic to what you write about going thru.

Add me? Will add you if it's okay.

I am a vegetarian and advocate of animal rights also ;)

Hey, I added you, hope you can add me back, I don't know if you remember moi, but I was in an old LJ account of yours 2 years ago... Hehe long time huh?
Hope everything's peachy on your end! Tons of hugs for ya!

I used to love reading your posts years ago... will you add me again pretty please?

I added you I hope you dont mind ^_^
And I think you have a hello kitty tattoo. It looks like it from your display picture on myspace!

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